November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington



The shots

One of the points that has been argued is; how many shots were actually fired? Some say three while others say six or even more. We really don't want to spend much time on the shots that missed Kennedy and never hit their target, and as a result of this it would be much easier just to take a look at?

The wounds

During the shooting it was not only Kennedy that was hit. Governor Conally who was in the seat right in front of John F. K. also got wounded during the terrible seconds of the shooting. A total of seven external wounds were added to the two persons the question is?how?

Let's begin with the anti-conspiracy explanation mentioned in the Warren Report. According to the report there was three shots all in all. They also say that one shot missed its target another bullet caused the fatal head wound and by the method of disclosure that leaves us with one bullet left?a bullet known from this day on as "The Magic Bullet".

"The Magic Bullet" alone should have caused all of the seven wounds by itself, by several analysis of the Zapruder Film and the victims, experts have succeeded in finding the exact entries and exits of the wounds. "The Magic Bullet" should have done the following if the Warren Report is to believe:

1. With a downward angle of 17 it hits Kennedy in the right shoulder.

2. Then inside his body it turns upwards and exits through his throat.

3. On the way to Connally it pauses for 1.6 seconds and the proceeds in a zigzag move into the Governors right armpit.

4. Inside this body the bullet takes a turn 27 downwards and destroys Connallys 5th rib and exits through his chest.

5. Then the bullet turns right and enters his right hand where it pulverises the radius bone and exits the hand on the other side.

6. At last the bullet enters Connallys left thigh where it finally is "put to rest".

7. But it is not over yet! The bullet falls/crawls out of the Governor and ends up on the stretcher beside Kennedy in the Parkland Memorial Hospital.

The people who believe that there was a conspiracy and that there were even more than three shots fired wouldn't have half the trouble explaining the wounds.

The autopsy


When Kennedy was shot it was standard procedure to perform an autopsy. According to Federal law Kennedy was supposed to be autopsied in Dallas, Texas, but this didn't happen. Kennedy's body was flown back to Washington. Here three Army pathologists were chosen to perform the autopsy. In the description of the autopsy there are a lot of things that don't match with the rules and regulations of how to perform autopsy. Example: The wound in the throat was described as en exit wound:

1- This was overruled at a later autopsy. The wound was actually an entry wound.

2- The pathologists weren't allowed to dissect the throat wound. They were stopped by one of the men from the different Government agencies represented at the autopsy.

If we are to believe the Warren Commission Oswald was placed in a window in the Depository were he was working at the time. Oswald supposedly shot the President in the back. Yet the fatal shot came from in front of the motorcade. If you look at the Zapruder-film you'll see that Kennedy's head gets knocked back and to the left. From this you can conclude that the fatal shot came from the front and to right of the car. Also if you shoot through any kind of material the bullet will make a small hole. The exit wound will be much larger than the entry wound. Doctors at the Parkland Memorial Hospital witnessed before the Warren Commission that Kennedy was missing about one fifth or more of the back of his head. It was simply blown away. Also a large piece of the scull was hanging from the head in the scalp.

In order to find out where the fatal shot came from it would be obvious to examine the brain of the victim. The brain was weighed at the first autopsy but no further examination was made. When Jim Garrison wanted to prove in court that Kennedy was shot from the front he tried to get a hold of the brain. The Department of Justice replied that the brain was missing from the Room of Evidence. Or to put it in other words: it was gone! Somebody must have taken it. The brain was never found again. The Department of Justice had lost a very important piece of evidence.

Now let us take a look at the back of Kennedy. It was concluded in the Warren report that the pathologists didn't turn the body over so that they could examine the back. Quote: " We were only interested in his head!" Unquote. At an autopsy it is standard procedure to examine every single bruise, wound and scar. In Kennedy's case it never happened...? This has to be considered a very serious lack of professionalism.

All in all it is easy to say that these pathologists either had very poor working conditions or otherwise they were very bad at their job! Some even go to the distance of saying that it was a very poor cover up by the US intelligence.

The Cover up

A cover up was of course only necessary if the assassination really was a conspiracy. A reason to believe that there was in fact a cover up, is the suspicious circumstances that occurred right after the President was killed. Many witnesses said that they saw strange people walking or running at different places at Dealey Plaza right after the shooting. The thing is that if they were investigating further or later at their interrogations they would be told not to worry and that they had seen nothing suspicious everything had already been taken care of. A lot of civilians were in one or the other way forced by phoney Secret Service agents to pretend that nothing weird had been going on, even if it was against their own personal opinion. These people were told to remain silent about the happening in the future. A number of witnesses have even been "removed" under distrustfully circumstances and others again claim that their testimonies have been altered in the Warren Report.

Presuming there was a cover up one must kind of admire that this succeeded so well that it has not been discovered 100 % even thirty years after. But it is also very frightening at the same time as it for sure pins out that it was the very top of the American Government that stood behind this horrible killing of its own 35th President. The media even supported the Warren Report, and just this one fact is a great help for the cover up. Instead of taking a critical point of view on the case and maybe start their own investigation, they just swallowed the Warren Report raw and as it was.

Credibility of the Warren report

The Warren report is very large. The 480 pages contain a lot of information about everything concerning the murder, and the two characters Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby. Everything about them is in this report.

It lacks basic professional structure and numerous other things. The Warren Commission doesn't follow up on important leads and doesn't care about credible witnesses. Furthermore the Commission makes selective conclusions meaning that it doesn't have all relevant facts in mind when making the conclusions.

During the period ranging from 1976 to 1979 an investigation conducted by the House of Committees made it clear that the murder of John F. Kennedy actually could involve a conspiracy. The House of Committees asked the Department of Justice to investigate the murder in order to overrule the Warren report. As of today we're still waiting for this to happen. The Department of Justice hasn't made an investigation and probably never will.

It should be said that this is the opinion of Jim Garrison and some other sites on the Internet. We can of cause not yell about a bad report if we haven't read from one end to another. We have NOT read the Warren report. Only extracts of it. But in those extracts we have come to the opinion that Garrison was right. The report tells us a little about a point but suddenly start on a totally different point. That is pretty disturbing.



(Book by American career police officer)

What you will be reading in Square Peg For a Round Hole is my passion for the Truth of the Assassination. My disgust for the Government cover-up of such a despicable crime. The audacity of those in power to assume that they could tell us anything they wanted and we would believe it because; we should never question our Government. This philosophy doesn't work anymore. People are hungry for the Truth. The private sector is now the only place the people can find the truth.



After the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, it wasn't over yet. A couple of other killings occurred and gave the public something to think about. Especially two of these killings were of a certain interest to the people that believed that JFK was assassinated by a conspiracy. Both his own brother Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were killed in 1968 by powerful forces.

Martin Luther King was as well as JFK fighting for better or equal rights for the black people in America. He told the world that he had a dream, and he was determined to make that dream come true. On April 4th at 6:01 p.m. 1968 the dream seemed to end though, MLK Jr. was shot by James Earl Ray under at least as suspicious circumstances as JFK. Paradoxically his brother was murdered as well!

Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy was following his older brothers' footsteps and was elected as Senator later he was as already mentioned killed. This happened on June 5th 1968 at about 12:50 a.m. and the assassin was a Palestinian Arab by the name Sirhan Sirhan who shot RFK at point-blank range. About two months earlier Robert Kennedy said the text quoted below:

"We've had difficult times in the past. We will have difficult times in the future. It is not the end of violence; it is not the end of lawlessness; it is not the end of disorder."

Robert F. Kennedy, April 3rd 1968


Why the JFK case still matters

Today the case of the JFK assassination matters just as much as in 1963. During the years that followed, the only thing that everybody wanted was the truth? everyone except the US Government. Neither the Department of Justice nor the Government have made any significant effort that could prove that there actually was a conspiracy. They took the word of the Warren Commission as a job well done. Never did any of the two parts even try to reopen the case.

Part of the population of America is very eager to known the truth about the murder of JFK. Maybe they already know but don't want to admit the fact that it really was the job of a crazed gunman. The population might in the end develop a kind of distrust in their own Government. In the words of Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic expert recognised by the US Government, the assassination of John F. Kennedy was a coup d'etat. According to his own opinion he has to be right because he is convinced that Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy made by the top of his own Government. Not only involving the top of the Government agencies and the cover-up made by the same agencies. Kennedy was very popular all over the country except in the South. It was known many months in advance that the President was going to Texas on his reelection campaign. Dallas was known as a so called "hostile city". This had to be the perfect spot for the murder. Cyril Wecht is afraid that the American population with time will lose its patience with its Government. A nation cannot grow and gain prosperity as long as the population defies the Government because of something that happened more than 30 years ago. All it takes is an investigation that would either support the Warren report or overrule it. The last possibility would of course mean a new investigation that would conclude who actually killed the President. This would again mean the Congress would have to rule documents marked as top classified as available for the population. These documents won't be released until the year 2029. The Americans will never know what was wrong more 30 years ago.

As time goes by the hunger for the truth grows and it really started to get hot when Oliver Stone made the movie JFK and gave the world his view of the case. Numerous private people and organisations have made it their mission to spread the facts about the murder to the world and of course give their guess on who was the murderer. New books, articles, pictures, etc. shows up every month linking another person to the assassination. Many people have so to say devoted their lives to finding the killer.

Historians from USA also think that a lot of incidents followed the slaying of Kennedy. One of the true ones is the acceleration of the Vietnam War. Some of the more doubtful ones are the Watergate scandal, the Ruby Ridge incident and the Waco tragedy. It is next to impossible to connect these incidents to the Kennedy murder.


In this part we are going to give a qualified guess of who actually killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22nd 1963.

We can narrow the suspects down to two if we only think about the money involved.

1- In 1962 Kennedy started his vendetta against the CIA. He fired the three holy cows inside the Agency, Dulles, Cabell and Bissell. They were the back bone and were all three a part of the group of people who made the CIA one of the most powerful espionage agencies in the world. Kennedy didn't realise what kind of organisation he started to fight. Not even the current director of CIA is aware of how many people he can order around all over the world.

2- The American Military Complex thrives off war and as mentioned earlier in the report they would have approximately 190 billion reasons annually for killing a President who is resisting war in public. Of course all Presidential candidates resist war during the elections but not many of them do anything about it when they are finally elected...Kennedy did.

If we consider the suspects from a social point of view.

1- The exile Cubans would be more interested in having Lyndon B. Johnson as the President of the USA as they knew very well that he was much more "aggressive". He would most likely not withdraw the American forces from all the wars in which they were participating at that moment.

When everything comes to an end we believe that the CIA was the initiator of the conspiracy. But they were extremely well supported by the FBI, top people in the White House and the Dallas Police Department. Our suspicions are based on the facts that they had the "best" reasons to get rid of the President and further more they had the power to cover the whole thing up. Do not forget that the media even supported the Warren Report, and just this one fact is a great help for the cover up. Just think of the power the media have today.


The case of JFK has a lot of aspects. It is too big to describe in these few pages so we have chosen the areas that we consider most interesting, vital, and poorly done by the Warren Commission. If we were to cover the entire case briefly we could easily write a couple of hundred pages, but we simply didn't have the time for that. We know now that the subject is way too big for a college report and would be covered much better if it was a university assignment. Anyway we hope that you enjoyed reading the assignment just as much as we enjoyed making it. Left to say is only that we are sorry that we missed out extremely exiting subjects as:

? Oswald bibliography

? Assassins connection to other suspects

? Testimonies of witnesses

? And many more

Remark: Billy Joel was inspired to write the hit "We didn't start the fire" by amongst other things the assassination of JFK and Martin Luther King. It is about all the mistakes that happened in the 60's and 70's. The Vietnam War is also mentioned in the song.


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The above pages were used as a kind of mainsources, but their respective subpages have been used as well.


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The last seconds of life

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