November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

Behind the Bushes

+ Orlando Bosch is released in 1987 under diplomatic pressure of the then US ambassador for Venezuela Otto Reich. Otto Reich is from Cuban descent and an avid anti Castro Cuban exile. He was recently appointed assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell in the current Bush administration. Back in Miami, Orlando Bosch is released from house arrest by presidential order as soon as Bush is president. No outcry was reported by the mainstream press.

While incarcerated in Caracas, both Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch were visited and interviewed by HSCA investigator Gaeton Fonzi. Not surprisingly they denied being in Dallas on November 22, 1963. However, neither of them could give a verifiable alibi. For a more in depth story by Geaton Fonzi documenting these intimate connections: or read his excellent book "The last investigation" online:

+ George H.W. Bush becomes the first President in American history to effectively grant himself a pardon in order to avoid prosecution for Iran Contra, by pardoning his numerous accomplices in that operation. Some of them are now holding posts in his son's administration.

+ George H.W. Bush has always been and still is vehemently opposed to declassifying files on the Kennedy Assassination. His son George W. Bush has just overturned a decision of the Clinton administration to declassify files about past presidents. The bogus excuse is always "national security". If JFK was killed by just one lone nut, as we are asked to believe, then where is the issue of national security? Declassification of the files would only confirm that theory, right? One might wonder whose security is really at risk here. But it is not the nation's!

Guillermo Novo Sampol
+ The testimony of Chauncey Holt, one of the infamous "three tramps" arrested in Dealey Plaza after the assassination, reveals that Luis Posada Carriles was also present on Dealey Plaza on 11/22/1963. Whether Posada was there to pull a trigger is unknown, but he makes a perfect match for the Cuban Exile "friend", sent to Dallas by Santo Trafficante, who was "a former Havana vice cop, turned mobster", as described by Sam Giancana in his biography (to read the page click here). To learn more about Luis Posada Carriles click here.

Still frame of Lee Harvey Oswald handing out pamphlets on Canal Street. Handwriting is of Chauncey Holt. Chauncey is the man with sunglasses on the far right. To read Holt's story click here.

Posada Carriles is currently in jail in Panama with 3 Cuban accomplices for the most recent plot to kill Fidel Castro, who visited a Latin American summit there in November 2000. One of Posada's jailed accomplices is a friend whose name is already familiar to the reader: Guillermo Novo Sampol. Remember that this man is also placed in Dallas on 11/22/1963 by the testimony under oath of Marita Lorenz. Washington is stonewalling their extradition to Cuba with a vengeance. Of further relevance is the almost complete blackout of American mass media reporting about this affair.
Update: Luis Posada Carriles and Guillermo Novo were pardoned and released by Panama in August 2004. Although Panama is like a province of the United States, pressure from the Bush administration is denied.

CUBAN PRESIDENT CASTRO HOLDS UP PHOTO OF MAN HE ACCUSED OF PLANNING ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT Original caption: Cuban President Fidel Castro shows a photo of a Cuban exile living in the United States, Luis Posada, who Castro accused of masterminding a plot to assassinate him during his visit to Panama City, November 17, 2000. Leaders of Latin America, Spain and Portugal are set to meet in Panama over the weekend for the 10th Ibero American summit where they will discuss ways of combating child poverty and abuse in the region.
© Reuters/CORBIS
+ So we have at least four known CIA trained assassins that we know were present on Dealey Plaza: Luis Posada Carriles, Frank Sturgis, Guillermo Novo Sampol and Orlando Bosch. All these terrorists were members of Operation 40, an assassinations group Bush personally recruited for, and during which time he gets acquainted with his life-long pal Felix Rodriguez. Operation 40 and JM/Wave are supervised by two of Bush's CIA cohorts:

1) David Atlee Phillips, who is the CIA controller for both Lee Harvey Oswald and confessed grassy knoll gunman James Files.
2) Ted Shackley, who later becomes Bush's deputy director for Covert Operations.

All these terrorists have later been clearly protected by George Bush and his CIA. Yet Bush has officially no knowledge about JFK's assassination? And yet officially his son fights a War against Terror? I guess Prescott has thought his son Hitler's motto: "The bigger the lie, the easier it is accepted by the public, especially when it is repeated over and over again".

Marita Lorenz and Frank Sturgis
+ And then there's this little piece of information from the book "Defrauding America":

Much has been written about the role of the CIA factions in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It isn't the purpose of this book to go into that subject. However, the statements of relatively high- ranking former or present ONI and Navy officers relating to the JFK assassination are given within these pages for the reader to ponder.
The Role of deep-cover CIA officer, Trenton Parker, has been described in earlier pages, and his function in the CIA's counter-intelligence unit, Pegasus. Parker had stated to me earlier that a CIA faction was responsible for the murder of JFK, and that Kennedy was advised three weeks before the assassination of a plan to assassinate him in one of three cities that Kennedy would be visiting.

During an August 21, 1993, conversation, in response to my questions, Parker said that his Pegasus group had tape recordings of plans to assassinate Kennedy. I asked him, "What group were these tapes identifying?" Parker replied: "Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, Johnson of Texas, George Bush, and J. Edgar Hoover." I asked, "What was the nature of the conversation on these tapes?"

I don't have the tapes now, because all the tape recordings were turned over to [Congressman] Larry McDonald. But I listened to the tape recordings and there were conversations between Rockefeller, [J. Edgar] Hoover, where [Nelson] Rockefeller asks, "Are we going to have any problems?" And he said, "No, we aren't going to have any problems. I checked with Dulles. If they do their job we'll do our job." There are a whole bunch of tapes, because Hoover didn't realize that his phone has been tapped.

Parker had earlier mentioned to me that he had turned over a full box of files and tapes, documentation, and micro-fiche for the Pegasus operation in the Caribbean to Congressman Larry McDonald shortly before the Congressman boarded the ill-fated Korean Airlines Flight 007 that was shot down by the Russians.

THE PROBLEM IS NO LONGER MINE. For 30 years I attacked these problems without success. At my age, it is no longer my problem to solve. I will be gone before the American public pays for what reaped. Good luck, you will need it!

Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, 3rd edition 1998 p. 638-639

"Behind every success there is a crime"
Lyndon Baines Johnson
+ Other ties between Nelson Rockefeller and the principals in the JFK assassination can be found in this excellent article on Freeport Sulphur, connecting David Atlee Philips with Guy Banister and Sergio Arcacha Smith, as well as with Clay Shaw and David Ferrie, who were both prosecuted in Jim Garrison's JFK trial:
It ends like this:
Which brings us to a crucial point. Freeport Sulphur is a company Wall Street considers a "Rockefeller" company. There are numerous Rockefeller ties to the board of directors (see the sidebar at right). There is a significant tie that led to the stockpiling investigation. And Adolph Berle and J. C. King, as well as John Hay Whitney, were all very closely tied to Nelson Rockefeller himself. So the revelation that J. C. King and Adolph Berle were conversing about the fate of a Rockefeller-controlled company is significant, credible, and highlights the ties between these players and the CIA, where J. C. King-and in later years David Atlee Phillips-presided as Chiefs of the Western Hemisphere Division. In a strange twist of fate, Rockefeller's good friend King was the authenticating officer on a cable giving authority to kill Castro's brother Raul. Interestingly, Whitney's cousin and friend Tracy Barnes sent the cable rescinding the original order a couple of hours later.

Guy Banister, former FBI agent from Chicago, worked in New Orleans for Sam Giancana, Carlos Marcello and the CIA (David Atlee Phillips) with David Ferrie and Sergio Arcacha Smith.

Picture of Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie during a Civil Air Patrol picknick. David Ferrie died a mysterious death, which was ruled a suicide, only two days before he was scheduled to testify in the famous trial of District Attorney Jim Garrison, who accused him of being part of a conspiracy in the murder of JFK. David Ferrie had denied knowing Oswald. Jim Garrison later said he would have loved to have this picture at the time of his trial. David Ferrie died of a brain heamorrhage. James Files says the brain heamorrhage was inflicted with a nail file through the roof of the mouth, but he refuses to reveal his source. Note: Jim Garrison, David Ferrie and Guy Banister are played by Kevin Costner, Joe Pesci and Loe Asner in Oliver Stone's movie "JFK".

Sam Giancana (second from right), mob boss of Chicago, with the Mcguire sisters, also a target of the Kennedy's after first being helped by him to win the elections in Illinois, felt betrayed by the Kennedy's. He sent his hitmen to Dealey Plaza, among others Charles Nicoletti and Johnny Roselli. All three were murdered in the 1970's shortly before they were called to testify before government committees investigating the murders of JFK and Martin Luther King. Charles Nicoletti was James Files' boss.

The plot to kill JFK originates from the very same forces that were working together on the Bay of Pigs and the plots to assassinate Fidel Castro: All these forces had their own reasons to recapture Cuba and to hate Kennedy, whom they also blamed for the failure of the Bay of Pigs.

These groups were 1) The CIA with the approval of some of the highest government officials (like Johnson, Hoover, Ford and Nixon) 2) The anti Castro Cuban exiles 3) Mafiabosses Sam Giancana , Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficante and 4) wealthy industrialists and Texan oilmen like H.L. Hunt, Syd Richardson and Clint Murchison. George H.W. Bush has documented connections to all four groups.

Sam Giancana states in his biography that he knew Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon personally (to read the page click here), as well as the aforementioned oil millionaires and George Demohrenshildt (to read the page click here), , and that they planned the JFK assassination together. James Files, the confessed grassy knoll assassin who fired the fatal shot into JFK's head, did not only work for Sam Giancana, but was recruited in the CIA to train Cuban exiles for the Bay of Pigs, by none other than David Atlee Phillips. He claims that one of his later senior supervisors in covert operations was George H.W. Bush. Lyndon Johnson told his mistress Madeline Brown: "It was the CIA and the Oilboys". Bush was both ! In addition he was up to his neck in the Bay of Pigs and the anti Castro movement. What is the chance he could not have known about the plot?

David Atlee Phillips was also the CIA supervisor for Lee Harvey Oswald, a heroic man that was unwittingly chosen to take the blame as the patsy, while led to believe he was to penetrate the group of assassins in order to sabotage the plot and prevent JFK's assassination.

On November 22, 1963 a criminal power elite seized control through a coup d'etat and a subsequent cover up of the truth that lasts until today. This is because they strengthened their position ever since. The key to unlocking the truth lies in one of their most powerful assets: the mainstream media. That is why you were not aware of most of the above !

It is clear that Bush protected the cover-up, as well as individuals and CIA elements that were involved in the JFK assassination. Although the above may not be conclusive evidence for Bush's involvement or knowledge about JFK's murder, all together a bigger and more criminal picture than many of us dare to imagine, emerges, with a direct connection to the political situation of today.

"And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

"A nation which has forgotten the quality of courage which in the past has been brought to public life is not as likely to insist upon or regard that quality in its chosen leaders today - and in fact we have forgotten."

"Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men."

"A man does what he must-in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures-and that is the basis of all human morality."

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. "

John F. Kennedy

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