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Re: West/Vernon/Files, Part III
Over the next few months Joe West cultivated the relationship with Jimmy Files. Apparently, a significant element in Files's personality was intense commitment to a "father" or "big brother" figure. He allegedly had worshiped the ground Charles Nicoletti worked on.... He seemed to affix similar respect to Joe West. Gradually, according to Joe, in subsequent visits and via phone calls and letters, Files opened up on the subject of the JFK assassination. At first he had only admitted to knowing what really happened. Then he said he had been in Dealey Plaza. Joe sent him a map of Dealey Plaza.... he sent it back with an X marked on it, but said that was not where he really had been standing. He allegedly held out for immunity before he would talk. Joe pressed judges and district attorneys in Houston and Dallas, trying to get the "case" before a grand jury.
And Joe achieved his goal....almost. The Feds agreed to the immunity for Files and then Joe had a series of heart attacks and died.
The FBI interviewed Files in prison and concluded that there was no apparent substance in his "confession."
Retired agent Shelton speaks of this incident in his radio interview on this site. Mr. Shelton's words speak for themselves. What Stockwell says here is not true at all. The two agents went around Shelton and criminal attorney Don Ervin and attempted to do a "hatchet job" on Files. They failed. I personally spoke with one of the two agents after he retired. He told me that he felt like he had "been used." The agent told Mr. Shelton the same thing. Listen to Mr. Shelton's radio interview.
Joe West died of a "hospital infection" following heart surgery in Houston. Bob Vernon took over the Jimmy Files investigation ("project") on behalf of Joe's heirs. His strategy was energetic promotion of the story, hopefully into a multi-million $, multi-faceted entertainment production. He, too, managed to bond with Files. A lifetime criminal, repeatedly in jail and prison, serving a "de facto life sentence" for conspiracy to kill a police officer, Files wrote songs and played a guitar. Vernon was a song writer and music producer. Files further rationalized that he would like to help develop the story commercially for the benefit of his pal Joe West's heirs. By phone, letter, and visiting Files in prison, Vernon continued to develop Files's "confession" of the JFK assassination and to promote the story vigorously for commercial exploitation. He did repeatedly generate substantial commercial interest; inevitably the deals fell apart, one after the other. The essential problem in most cases may have been credibility. Joe West's. Jimmy Files's. Vernon's.
The problem was that everywhere we showed up, the CIA disino boys soon followed.
Joe West's heirs gave me a letter reassuring me that I would be the writer of the eventual book. My perception of the best approach is explained in the first part of this critique (12/28/96). I urged all parties to "roll the dice" by putting the story to the acid test. I urged that we put together a team (myself and David Scheim and/or maybe Gary Shaw and/or maybe David Perry,) that would go into the prison, interview Files at length, and scrutinize his claims. I was quite sure we could question him in sufficient detail, measure his answers against hard facts, and emerge reasonably sure of his veracity. Perry was an insurance claims investigator. Scheim and MIT professor. Shaw had pursued the assassination for a couple of decades. If Files passed this test, we could proceed to publish the solution of the "crime of the century." If not, we would be poorer, and history would be burdened with one less assassination scam.
Stockwell pulled this out of the air. Stockwell never once suggested this "team" as he calls it. I know David Scheim and I like him a lot. I would welcome him to come to Joliet and meet Files. Gary Shaw, too. This incident did NOT happen.