November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

The Three Tramps

Here is a picture of Charles Harrelson when he was arrested by the Houston Police Department and he would be about 20 years old.

And if you run a line through his eyes and his lips, they are not parallel either. There is a slight angle.

This kind of thing you don't lose as you get older, you still keep that. It's bone structure, it doesn't change.

Nor is there any plastic surgery available that will change that for you.

If you look at the blond-headed tramp, he has that same angle. And actually it is impossible for me to get an exact pose from a historical photo and a mug-shot considering the disparity in time, place, angle, position of the head.

That angle, that angle is almost identical

Look at Charles Harrelson on the right. In that picture on the right, Charles Harrelson is being walked into his trial for the murder of judge John Woods. So grim is the situation that the name of the building he is walking into, is the "Judge John Woods Justice Center". And yet he is smiling.

If you look on the left at the tramp, you have that same smile, which is occurring the same day as (and) just after John Kennedy has been killed. It goes to attitude, as much as it does goes to facial structure because indeed every single feature is consistent, considering I can't take Harrelson in the right-hand picture and roughle his hair up and I don't have his exact position. But considering the exact position and the time lapse, it's the same person.

Taking another look at the three tramps ....

And you get another picture of Harrelson on trial, for murder, he was convicted in San Antonio, and on the left the tramp picture. Both of these men are blond. On the right the lighting is such that, you know, you can take a picture of a blond-headed person and it will come out looking brown, but he is definitely a blond-headed individual. The cheeks, the nose, the end-of-the-nose shape, the lips, the chin, .... all he has done is age on the right. That's the same, as far as you can be determined considering the time lapse, that is the same individual.

And when you have a profile of one of the tramps, you draw a line of the profile - and again, this is impossible to pose this man exactly like the mug-shot - but considering the difference in pose and the difference in time ....

.... that's the same profile, it is almost identical.

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The last seconds of life

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